We are a team of professionals possessing specific domain knowledge, who work as dynamic practice groups with Trans global reach. Understanding the specific terms of code of ethics, management style, hiring practices and compensations norms, we at Anakin, provide specialized HR consultancy services and value added services and recruiting solutions to our clients.
Banking, Financial Services & Insurance

The economic growth of the country has opened the gateway for the establishment of various financial organizations in the market. This sector has now become the major source of employment for the youth. The vocation in this sector requires specialized training and only skilled professionals can survive in this field. Besides, the professionals are paid with good remuneration for their services in the financial sector. We at Anakin strive to provide complete manpower solutions for this industry. We select the best talents from our databank and make them available in for the companies looking for the finance professionals. We have devised a rigorous process of selection that is professionally designed to gauge the talent and skill sets of the candidates.

Engineering & Manufacturing

Owing to the unmatched growth in the industrial sectors, several small scale and large scale industries are being established in the country. These industries prosper on the proper functioning of their Manufacturing and Operation units. The manufacturing and operation sector has very broad segment like FMCG, Heavy Machineries, Consumer Durables and many other industries. Thus this field being very large offers good opportunity for the candidates to get employed. Considering the growing requirements of employees in the manufacturing units of different industries, we have come forward to provide apt placement solutions in manufacturing and operation. With our well maintained database, we efficiently to choose the right candidates for the right openings.

Telecom & ISP

The major markets of the telecommunication industry include Wireless handsets (GSM and CDMA), Wireless infrastructure equipment, Wire line switches, Access network equipment, Electronic push button telephones, PBX systems, Modems and VoIP phones.
Our Technology & Telecom practice areas are trained to serve clients within the following core market sectors:

  •  Telecom Equipment
  •  Telecom Software
  •  Telecom Projects
  •  Telecom Services
Job opportunities are available for all positions in various specialties including L.C.R, Call Center, Carrier, Systems Integration, etc.

Media & Entertainment

The media and entertainment industry is thriving on the current economic upswing and recorded revenues of INR 222 billion. Once again, television had another stellar year, expanding by 13 percent. The film industry also had the same growth rate of 13 percent. Powered by the three engines of additional delivery platforms, increasing content variety and favorable regulatory initiatives, the industry has transformed with new areas opening up, more players entering and traditional players being forced to adapt or perish. Candidates with technical knowledge as well as creative bend of mind are high on demand in this industry. We cater to the increasing demand of manpower by offering placement solutions to the candidates as well as the recruiting organizations. We have good experience in the field of recruitment owing to our panel of experts.

Oil, Gas & Power

With the massive rate of urbanization across the world, the demand for energy has grown manifold in the past few decades and continues to do so. This has not only increased the pressure on the Government and industry leaders to explore newer energy sources but has also opened up huge investment opportunities in this sector. According to a report by CII, India's energy sector would provide investment avenues worth US$ 120-150 billion over the next five years. India's energy demand is estimated to increase five fold over the next twenty five years. India is the fifth largest energy consumer in the world with about 45 per cent of its requirement being fulfilled by the domestic oil, gas & power industry.


The emergence of Information technology has necessitated the need for professionally qualified and talented people in the sector. The domestic IT market in India grew by 22.4% in 2006 and is expected to keep the momentum up till 2010. From a global perspective, 2010 will be a year of intense 'hyper disruption' in the IT industry, with major structural changes taking place along different industry vectors at once - all interacting with each other and, more important, accelerating each other.

Retail, Real Estate and construction

The global retail & real estate industry is in flux. In recent years significant investment capital found its way to these industries, on the basis of optimistic global growth projections. But, as economic downturn has become global recession, retailers have been hard hit and we have seen a number of well known chains forced into administration. Also, a falling demand for commodities and residential real estate and a tightening of the credit markets, is creating great uncertainty in the construction sector. Having an experienced, motivated and strongly collaborative workforce is essential to meet the demands in the market and to develop strong trust-based relationships with customers. Anakin has long-standing expertise in systematically evaluating and advising top management in these critical processes.

Consumer & Pharma

Practically, the consumer and pharma services sector in India is the most competitive, because it boasts of the most sought after careers and growth charts for candidates and companies alike In the competition for talent, Anakin's global Consumer & Pharma Practice experts are uniquely qualified to advice on leadership issues, and identify and recruit the exceptional senior executives and board members required to meet these challenges. Our Consumer & Pharma Practice expertise spans all operational and strategic roles critical to our clients' success across all sectors.